How Sellers Can Entice Buyers Just With Their Front Lawn

If a house doesn’t look great on the outside, you can be sure that potential buyers will not be hitting on the brakes for a second look, they’ll keep driving. Congratulations, you’ve already lost buyers before they even walked into the home. It is proven that curb appeal is what makes or breaks a sale. Be sure to use these tips so you don’t make the mistakes that many homeowners in the process of selling their home do.

Now is the time to get the outside looking spectacular. From fixing up the deck on the front porch to adding some new flowers to the landscaping, there are plenty of elements to make your home look more welcoming.

Projects such as painting or replacing the entry door, doing the side yard, or window replacements can get homeowners much more money than they would have, just by making a few simple improvements. Of course, sometimes renovations must be done, but if you don’t have the time or money to do so, you can do some of the things below on your own for free.

When it comes to selling your home, many realtors will tell you that state of the art appliances and kitchens are the most important thing when selling a home. These things are absolutely true. However, find comfort in the fact that you do not necessarily need to spend an arm and a leg to sell your house. These minor improvements above are a great, and budget friendly way to drive up the sale price of your home.

• Wash any and all windows
• Update and/or replace front porch lighting fixtures
• Install new street numbers, door knobs, door knockers, and/or mailboxes
• Replace or remove window treatments if necessary
• Repair the front walk if needed
• Remove dead trees or flowers
• Be sure to mow the lawn, and remove any weeds
• Power wash your house
• Clean and sweep the entryway, front lights, and walkway of any debris or trash
• Add colorful plants
• Paint and clean your front door
• Clean and sweep the driveway
• Store all yard equipment, pet toys, and children’s toys
• Do not use the porch for storage
• Clean up after your pets
• Make sure garbage cans are not visible from the street

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  1. Curb appeal, or the attractiveness of your home from the street, is critical if you are selling or renting your home. Many buyers associate the condition of the exterior and landscape with the condition of the interior. In fact, studies show curb appeal is so important that if a potential buyer thinks that the exterior is unattractive they won’t even look at the inside of a home.

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